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(Erie Open Spec v1.0)

The EOS 1 is a simple and open-source smartphone-based spectrometer for measuring nitrates (NO3) and phosphates (PO43−) in water. It is an easy-to-use and sufficently accurate tool for the average citizen to investigate and better understand their local water resources.

This device is partly inspired by the Public Lab Spectrometer.



our Github page


About Us

Hi, we are Erie Open Systems (EOS). EOS is dedicated to providing accurate and affordable environmental monitoring tools for the general public, including citizen scientists and young participants of formal or informal learning activities. We recognize the conspicuous gap in technical options between the expensive tools targeting academia and industry, and the cheap and unreliable tools available to everyone else. Our goal is to build bridges between the DIY/maker communities and those of the academic laboratory by reaching from both ends: minimally implementing well-established laboratory technique for broader and interdisciplinary purposes; also developing and rigorously testing design ideas from open-source communities.

For more information, please contact us.


Here is all you need to make one.

  • From a Kit

  • (1) Buy the official "EOS 1" kit (link below).
  • (2) Follow the assembly instruction on our Instructables post.
  • (3) You will also need our software for image analysis.
  • (4) Now your EOS 1 is ready to go, refer to the operation procedure.
  • From Scratch

  • (1) Prepare the necessary parts/supplies (see bill of materials).
  • (2) 3D-print some stuff (STL files can be found here).
  • (3) Laser-cut some stuff (DXF file can be found here).
  • (4) Follow the assembly instruction on our Instructables post.
  • Make One Better

  • (a) Design files can be found under "From Scratch".
  • (b) Design considerations can be found here. (coming soon)
  • (c) What we will work on next (and maybe you can help with). (coming soon)
  • (d) Let us know if you have any suggestions (contact us here).


Coming soon...

So for now, if you want an EOS 1, please contact us.


iOS app can be found here.


The DualSpec is a simple and open-source smartphone-based spectrometer designed for the introductory chemistry laboratory.

This device is documented here.

Contact Us

Jiansheng Feng

Akron, OH

+1 330-972-5790